Our Story

SalesBean delivers a web and mobile application platform, which will enable organizations, the ability to consolidate, securely control and distribute product information, and relevant sales content and material to sales executives.

Solving a real problem for sales organizations

Today, organizations struggle with the ability to maintain, securely control and distribute documentation to geographically distributed sales reps.

SalesBean will provide a centralized platform for administrators to control content & document flow to end-users, which will enable companies, an efficiency which does not exist today.

Our Solution

The SalesBean solution will enable organizations the flexibility to consolidate, securely control and distribute documentation. The SalesBean solution will provide several key efficiencies for organizations:

  • Ease of Administration and Distribution of Documentation
  • The SalesBean platform will enable an organization the ability to simplify the management and distribution of documentation, enabling simplified access to sales reps. This includes delegated administration of users and groups, which follows a simple access management model. Workflow and provisioning by a centralized staff will also greatly reduce the administrative task of maintaining documentation in multiple locations for end users.

  • Centralized Policy Management
  • Organizations will be able to manage multiple user groups from a single platform, increasing the operational efficiency for the entire company. In addition, documentation management will be available in modular components (“a briefcase”) and will increase the efficiency of the administrators to the end-users.

  • Integration into other SAAS Platforms
  • Seamless integration with third-party environments is critical. External SAAS platforms such as SalesForce, Dropbox, etc. will allow users the ability to quickly synchronize external data and manage the data from a single platform.

  • Compliance and Security
  • Appropriate authentication based on Role, privileges, application and location can not only make the overall solution compliant with regulations, but also provide users with a secure online platform for storage of data.